Service Upgrades

-Meet with client to discuss service size and load calculation
-Troubleshoot past, present, and potential future problems
-Coordinate permits with Authority Having Jurisdiction
-Purchase materials
-Remove/dispose old service
-Install new service according to code specifications Troubleshoot
-For patching and finish work, please view links

Lighting Installation

-Lighting Installation
-Evaluate customers needs
-Calculate additional lighting into current load calculation
-Remove/dispose old lighting
-Install new lighting according to code specifications
-For patching and finish work, please view links


-Meet with client to discuss needs as well as job status reports
-Purchase materials
-Remove/dispose old material
-Install new material according to code specifications
-Troubleshoot entire electrical system
-For patching and finish work, please view links

Welcome to Steglitz Power!

We specialize in electrical installation, service and troubleshooting. Our company chooses to work in an environment which is clean, safe, and green minded. This is accomplished by an organized work environment, clear thought process, and a recycle/reuse preference. Yes, not always the fastest to accomplish but the most satisfying for us, making us crave coming to work each day!

We choose to treat our customers differently. The largest part of an electrical installation is safety. With safety comes truth and with truth comes the answer no. Unfortunately not all equipment can be salvaged and not all requests can be completed safely. We refuse to compromise on this. All of our work strictly conforms to “The National Electric Code” and “The Authority Having Jurisdiction”, your local inspector.

Steglitz Power has grown its references through family, friends, and word of mouth. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are an utmost priority. When you call Steglitz Power you will be treated with respect and honesty. If we can not fulfill the requirements of your project we will gladly explain why and refer you to someone who can. We have been doing work in San Diego since 1998 and have networked with some top notch local tradespeople. This cross exposure has given us a strong foundation and love for problem solving. No matter what your situation we can find someone local with references that can help you.

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